D is for Doctor Who

May 28, 2011


Since I began my Netflix subscription, I have really started to get into TV series in a way that I was never able to do when I had to commit to getting to the TV at the same time every week. One of the shows that I have particularly enjoyed is a BBC production called Doctor Who.

The longest running sci-fi show on television, Doctor Who actually first aired from 1963 to 1989. In 2005, a reproduction was aired, and has now run for five seasons. These five seasons are the ones I have seen and loved.

The premise is that a time traveling alien known only as “The Doctor” shows up in the nick of time to fix things when they start to go really bad. And, oh yeah, he always has a cute young girl for a sidekick. The main gimick of the show is that instead of dying, the Doctor simply transforms, gaining new looks (and a new actor). This, of course, allows the show to continue after actors decide to quit the show: they just get a new one.

Which brings me to my personal favorite Doctor: number 10, David Tennant. Funny and energetic, Tenant is everything you could hope for in a world-saving alien time traveler, which is why D is Doctor Who.


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